New Liberty Fabric Giveaway

If you follow Fred & Olive on Instagram or Facebook (and you should!), you may recall I while back I posted a picture of some gorgeous Liberty fabrics I’d picked up at a local vintage Liberty fabric charity sale. There were so many lovely prints to pick from, and I might have gone a bit OTT and bought way more than I needed!

New fabrics1

However, I did pick up two gorgeous new Liberty prints which I think will make excellent additions to the Fred & Olive fabric range. A fun, summery yellow print and a gorgeous blue one. The yellow one is called Kayoko (and is actually still a current fabric). I couldn’t find anything relating to the blue one, so I’ve named that Waves as it reminds me of how crashing waves look on a stormy sea.

So I thought what better way to introduce these to the world that via a giveaway! I have to always make a sample of each print so I can add it to the website, so this time instead of making one for Olivia or for another family member or friend, I thought I’d expand it out a little and see if anyone else would like one!


I’ll need to make six samples in total:

  1. Navy tee in Kayoko
  2. White tee in Kayoko
  3. Bodysuit in Kayoko
  4. Navy tee in Waves
  5. White tee in Waves
  6. Bodysuit in Waves

The tee’s will need to be no larger than 1-2 years, and the bodysuits no larger than 6-12 months.

You’ll be able to pick any letter or number to adorn your winning item. You can add your entry to win just one item or all six (so technically one person could win all six, but unless you’re luckier than a shamrock wielding, pixie loving leprechaun, it’s unlikely!). The winning garments will also have the honour of being featured on the Fred & Olive website and social feeds.

The giveaway is hosted on both my Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can enter on both sites for maximum winning chances! You’ll need to follow the instructions to make sure you do all the steps correctly.

***The competition will close on Sunday August 14th at 10pm.***

***Head over to our Instagram and Facebook accounts to enter now!***